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The staff and Certified Advanced Trainers at Peak Performance Neuro Fitness value you and the experience you have in our facilities. Our goal is simple. We want to help you achieve your goals and dreams using every resource we have at our disposable. Whether it's neurofeedback using NeurOptimal or NeuroPlus EEG brain games, we set ourselves apart from others by the level of our care and compassion. Let us know how we can help you and address your goals, head on. It's worth it for you. It's worth it for your children. It's simply worth it!


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Neurofeedback has been used by thousands of patients, and it’s regularly used to help improve the memory of clients. If you’re looking for a way to improve your memory, then

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Neurofeedback training can stop a migraine while it is occurring, however stopping individual migraines is not the main goal. Training with neurofeedback can be very effective in reduci

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EEG biofeedback, or neurofeedback, is a research proven way to help you improve your brain function through intensive brain training exercises. Although the technology is complex, the p

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Neurofeedback or brain training can help TBI or stroke sufferers regain some functioning by helping regulate the brain. Research has shown improvement in the long term.

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On the occasion of the release of the film ‘Concussion’ it is only appropriate that we add our voice to those that have already been raised on this issue. The reason is that

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Performing at its optimum means your brain does what you want when you want, responding to life’s challenges and events with ease. Staying calm and being able to focus under stress, m

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Kenneth Mims and the Science Prep Academy

Eureka! I found it! A college prep science academy for children on the spectrum. If ever a man should win an award, Kenneth Mims, M.Ed. is

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Autism and Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback, also called EEG biofeedback or neurotherapy, is a research proven way to help you improve your brain function through inten

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ADHD and Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback training is a proven technology that was first used in 1972 to successfully treat epilepsy. It has many advantages over the

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Our Trainers

Jason Polyard

Jason Polyard is co-owner and a Certified Advanced Trainer at Peak Performance Neuro Fitness. Following a traumatic brain injury, Jason developed epilepsy. During his first grand mal seizure, Jason faced a massive injury to his arm and acute respiratory failure. Temporarily putting his psychology degree on hold, he was faced with a major rehabilitation journey […]

Kevin George MBA

Kevin George is co-owner and a Certified Advanced Trainer at Peak Performance Neuro Fitness. Kevin suffered a traumatic brain injury which left him recovering for over a year, and left him with cognitive deficits. This led his quest in the study of brain health. Despite this injury, he earn his Executive MBA, a Master’s Certificate […]


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